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HydroSeeding - Basic & Custom Applications
Sports Field Repair & Installations
Soil Renovating


Welcome to Abby Contracting

Abby Contracting offers expert Hydroseeding for environmental projects. We also install and repair Sports fields & large lawn areas. We have one of only 2 soil renovators for hire in BC.

Abby Contracting offers Hydroseeding, Lawn repair and renovation, Sports Field repair and installations, soil renovation, and much more. We are an integrated land rehabilitation company in business since 1990. We serve the Fraser Valley: Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Hope, Langley, Surrey, Burnaby and more. Our company is comprised of three unique divisions; Hydroseeding, Sports Fields and Large lawn areas, and Soil renovation, which work independently or jointly to expedite your project. We supply operational services to government, mining, forestry, energy, construction and land development sectors. Abby Contracting is recognized throughout British Columbia as being foremost in land rehabilitation and reclamation and enjoys an excellent reputation for quality and service.

Abby Contracting Custom Hydroseeding Applications


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      We are a "Recommended Hydroseeding and Landscape Contracting Business in Chilliwack"
    Our Gold Stars indicate our honesty, skills and dedicated customer service. See iPagesCanada for our current word-of-mouth referal ranking showing you how many times we have been referred by our customers and business collegues.